Wednesday, January 4, 2017

EAEPE: Journals

European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy

The interdisciplinary list of journals below provides a broad overview of outlets of interest to institutional and evolutionary economists broadly defined. If you have suggestions regarding relevant journals to be included in this list please send the link to
Accounting, Organizations and Society
Actuel Marx
Advances in Complex Systems
Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics
Business and Economic History
Business and Society Review
Business History 
Business History Review
Cahiers d'Economie Politique
Cambridge Journal of Economics
Capital and Class
Competition and Change
Computational & Mathematical Organization Theory
Constitutional Political Economy
Contributions to Political Economy
Development and Change
Ecological Economics
Economic and Industrial Democracy
Economic Issues
Economic History Review
Economic Systems 
Economic Thought 
Economics and Philosophy
Economics and Politics
Economics of Innovation and New Technology
Economics of Transition
Economy and Society
Emergence: Complexity and Organization
Enterprise & Society
Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics
Ethique et Economique 
European Journal of Industrial Relations
European Journal of the History of Economic Thought
European Law and Economics Review
European Review of Economic History
Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review
Feminist Economics
Forum for Social Economics
Foundations of Science
Growth and Change
History of Economic Ideas
History of Economics Review
History of Political Economy
Industrial and Corporate Change
Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Industrial Relations
Industry and Innovation
International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education 
International Journal of Social Economics
International Review of Applied Economics
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 
Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation
Journal of Bioeconomics
Journal of Comparative Economics
Journal of Critical Realism
Journal of Economic and Political Anthropology
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
Journal of Economic Education 
Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination 
Journal of Economic Issues
Journal of Economic Geography 
Journal of Economic Methodology
Journal of Economic Psychology
Journal of Economic Studies
Journal of Evolutionary Economics
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics
Journal of Institutional Economics
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization
Journal of Philosophical Economics 
Journal of Political Philosophy
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
Journal of Social and Evolutionary Systems
Journal of Social Philosophy
Journal of Socio-Economics
Journal of the History of Economic Thought
Journal of the History of Ideas
Law and Philosophy
Law and Social Inquiry
Law and Society Review
Monthly Review
New Political Economy
Organization Science
Organisation Studies
Perspectives on Science
Philosophy and Biology
Philosophy and Public Affairs
Philosophy and Technology
Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Politics, Philosophy and Economics
Public Choice
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Rationality and Society
Real-World Economics Review 
Rationality, Markets and Morals 
Regional Studies 
Research in Political Economy
Research Policy
Rethinking Marxism
Review of Austrian Economics
Review of International Political Economy
Review of Political Economy
Review of Radical Political Economics
Review of Social Economy
Revue de la Régulation 
Revue du MAUSS
Revue Française de Socio-Economie
Science and Society
Socio-Economic Review
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics
Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science
Technology and Culture
Technology in Society
Theory and Decision
Theory and Society
World Economics Journal
Journals and book series listed in the 5th edition of the Heterodox Economics Directory, compiled by Tae-Hee Jo, can be downloaded here.


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